Volkswagen Unveils Electric Crossover

Volkswagen (OTC: VLKAY) is as serious about electric cars as Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA). The German auto giant unveiled a new electric crossover all-wheel drive called the Crozz at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The sleek and futuristic looking Crozz is designed to compete directly with Tesla’s Model Y. It is also supposed to do the impossible and become the first electric that soccer moms; America’s largest class of auto buyers, would want to drive.

The Crozz is supposed to have a 311 mile range which means that you should be able to drive it for several days without recharging, Business Insider reported. It should also be capable of making most road trips.

The Crozz in Shanghai

Volkswagen’s New Electric Drive Train

The vehicle is based on Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive (MED) platform. The MED is designed to give vehicles mileage that will rival that of gasoline or diesel powered cars with a decade.

The MED consists of two electric motors one in the front and one in the back which is ideal for an all-wheel drive. That means most new cars will be all-wheel drives at some point in the future. It also boasts a flat drive battery pack that looks ideal as the basis for a wide variety of vehicle models.

The Crozz will have a top speed of 113 miles per hour for freeway driving and a sun roof. That means it should be fun to drive if it performs as advertised. Hopefully Volkswagen will think of a better name for the SUV than Crozz before they market it.

VW is also showing off the Buzz, a real ugly minivan that looks like the iconic Volkswagen vans hippies drove in the 1960s. The Buzz is supposed to have a 270 mile range.

VW Buzz

VW Plans Network of Superchargers

Volkswagen is planning a network of 2,500 to 4,000 chargers in the United States that might cost up to $2 billion, Seeking Alpha Contributor Anton Wahlman reported. One charger should be located every 66 miles and the network might cross the United States, there will also be as many as 2,000 chargers in California alone.

Charging stations will be located in 39 states and supply 150 to 320 kilowatts of electricity. Initial construction is supposed to begin this year, but the first phase of buildout is scheduled for 2019. That’s going to be in time for the release of several Volkswagen electric vehicles and 13 Ford electrics in 2020.

Tesla and Ford (NYSE: F) electric vehicles will be able to use the VW charging stations, Wahlman reported. VW agreed to build the network as part of a settlement for its shenanigans in the diesel scandal.

It looks as if Volkswagen is going to be a serious player and perhaps the dominant force in electric cars. One has to wonder if Tesla will be able to compete with it. Elon Musk may achieve his dream of world of electric cars, with the help of his competitors.

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