Volkswagen Recalls 2.64 Million Vehicles

Volkswagen’s reputation for quality and excellence just took a major hit. The legendary German automaker has had to recall 2.64 million cars around the world because of a variety of technical problems.


2009 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV

The vehicles recalled include 62,155 Tiguan SUVs and 4,000 Jetta hybrids sold in the USA. The Tiguans are being recalled because a defect in the electrical system causes fuses to burn out, which can cause the Tiguan’s headlights to fail. Only Tiguans manufactured between 2009 and 2011 are affected. Newer models are not included in the recall.

If that wasn’t bad enough, VW has also had to recall 3,836 vehicles because the synthetic oil in the gear box corrodes the gears and stops the clutch from working. The problem can be easily fixed by replacing the synthetic oil with mineral oil.

VW Apologizes to Chinese Car Buyers

These problems are nothing compared to the troubles Volkswagen is having overseas. The company had to recall 384,181 vehicles in China after complaints about vibration problems were exposed on TV. The head of the company’s German division even had to make a public apology over the issue.

News reports indicate that as many as 1.6 million VW vehicles sold all over the world may have the synthetic oil in the gearbox that needs to be replaced. If that wasn’t bad enough, a Volkswagen model not sold in the U.S., the Amarok pickup truck, has had to be recalled because of a leaky fuel system.

Persons who own a VW model that might be affected by the issue should contact their Volkswagen dealer. The dealer should be able to fix any problem at no cost to the owner.

Recalls and Car Insurance

One good piece of news for buyers is that this recall should not affect insurance rates. As long as you take a recalled vehicle to the dealer and get it fixed, your premium should not be affected.

Volkswagen's Amarok pickup truck

Volkswagen’s Amarok pickup truck

You should always take recalled vehicles to the dealership for servicing because of insurance. If you don’t get a recalled vehicle serviced and you get into an accident, the insurer could cover claims. That would probably only apply if the claims arose from the problem affected by the recall.

Every car owner should pay careful attention to the media because recalls are getting more frequent. In the last few months Toyota, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi have all had to launch major recalls.

Vehicle Recalls Becoming More Common Place

Experts think that vehicle recalls are becoming common because modern automobiles are becoming more technically advanced and complex. The more electronics and other devices added to the car, the more that can go wrong with it.

To make matters worse, recalls seem to be affecting every carmaker, including those with a reputation for technical excellence, such as Volkswagen. Recalls may have to be part of the price that we pay for today’s technologically advanced and smooth driving vehicles.


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