Uber Gets Hacked, Uber Driver Cars Get Towed and Confiscated Again

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There is yet another reason to avoid Uber; passwords and other information about Uber users accounts are apparently on sale online for $1 apiece, Motherboard reported. The information was apparently stolen by hackers sometime in March according to the Threatpost blog.

Some of the data taken may have included telephone numbers, the four digits of credit card numbers, customers’ names and possibly log in details. That means crooks could use your Uber information to help themselves to a free ride.

The bad guys could also use that data to track down customers by using their trip history. It could also include home and business addresses which would make it even easier for crooks to find you. For example, a criminal could see that you took Uber to the airport. So he would figure you are out of town, making your house easy pickings for a burglary.

Predictably, Uber denied the claims of a hack and an Uber spokesman even went so far as to blame the transportation network company’s customers for the hack. Security is yet another reason why it is a good idea to stay away from such next generation apps.

Drive for Uber, lose your Car

Uber drivers in Brussels, Belgium, like their brethren in Las Vegas, Nevada, could have their cars confiscated by police. Business Insider reported that the Brussels’ police tribunal has declared Uber an illegal taxi service. That means Uber drivers cars could be impounded.


Something very similar happened in Nevada earlier this year where the state’s Transportation Authority seized a number of Uber vehicles. Authorities in Montreal, Quebec also seized cars from Uber Drivers, Mashable reported. The Quebec Transport Ministry and the City of Quebec believe Uber is an illegal taxi service. Like the authorities in Las Vegas, they also seized Uber vehicles.

Uber, it seems, just cannot escape controversy. Both drivers and passengers would be well-advised to stay far away from this app for the foreseeable future. It seems to be creating more problems every day.