Really Evil Car Insurance Fraudster is also Very Stupid

We all know that car insurance fraudsters are really evil. After all, they make false claims that drive up the cost of insurance for the rest of us. Well, now there is one in Texas who is both especially evil and very stupid.


The Bugatti Veyron

A very dumb fraudster named Andy House committed what must count as an act of sacrilege as well as fraud. He drove a Bugatti, one of the nicest and most expensive cars in the world, into a marsh in an attempt to destroy it. Among other things, House left the engine running. His idea was to collect a $2.2 million collector car insurance policy.

Mr. House got caught because he gave the insurance company a very stupid story. House claimed that he drove off the road because of — get this — a pelican. Not only did he try to destroy a really nice car, but Mr. House also tried to blame an innocent bird for his act of automotive desecration.

If that wasn’t bad enough, House’s crash was caught on video by a car lover who mistook the Bugatti for a Lamborghini. Fortunately, there are other car lovers out there. News coverage of the recovery of the Bugatti show the tow truck driver cleaning the car.

Andy House recently plead guilty to one count of wire fraud. Instead of collecting a $2.2 million check, Mr. House will be taking a trip to a federal prison. Hopefully he’ll find himself in a cell with a car lover. Andy House has to go down as America’s dumbest and most destructive auto insurance  fraudster.

Not only did he try to destroy a great car, but Mr. House also nearly caused insurance costs for other car lovers to rise with his stunt. What’s strangest of all is Mr. House’s job; he is or was apparently a car dealer. You think he would have some respect for a beautiful piece of automotive technology like the Bugatti.

It looks like we have another reason to hate car insurance fraudsters. They have no respect for beautiful automobiles.