Why Fuel Cells could be a Better Vehicle Power Source than Lithium Ion Batteries

Gasoline and diesel fuel each have an energy density of 36 mega joules a liter – the equivalent of 10.08 kilowatt hours. That means a few gallons or liters of gasoline or diesel fuel can provide as much or more power than several hundred pounds of lithium ion batteries. It also means that a few gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel will provide as much power as 20 or 30 gallons of hydrogen gas.

Class Action Lawsuits could Destroy Uber in USA

If Uber has to start paying its drivers like employees, it’ll have to shut down in the United States. Uber’s competitors, such as Lyft and Sidecar, would be driven out of business. It goes without saying that these suits could be a major headache for other internet and app companies that rely upon independent contractors such as Elance-Odesk.