Uber Meets Reality

It looks like Uber is in legal limbo in Nevada and will be for the foreseeable future. A number of court hearings are scheduled on the service, which means the matter will have to be settled by a higher court. That means months of appeals and high legal bills for Uber

Uber Looking for another Billion Dollars

It looks as if Uber might not be the cash cow that some people think it is. Instead, it is a very expensive business built on a lot of debt that could implode quickly. My prediction for Uber is that it will borrow a fortune from investment bankers then, when that ATM starts running empty, it will issue an IPO and a lot of worthless stock.

A Few More Things that Uber is not Telling You

You can be fired at any time for absolutely no reason. Forbes contributor Ellen Huet noted that the contracts Uber has drivers sign allow it to simply cut them off at any time. The company doesn’t even have to tell drivers why they were cut off and left without income. Uber can do this because its drivers are independent contractors, not employees.

Study Finds Poor Priced Out of the Car Insurance Market

This often puts poor people in a terrible quandary; in much of the United States, the only way to get to work, school, or the grocery store is to drive, yet the poor cannot afford to drive because of high insurance premiums. A poor person who needs to reach his or her job to buy food and pay the rent may have no choice but to drive without insurance.