Finally Auto Insurance for Lyft & Uber Drivers

Obviously some better means of providing real insurance for ridesharing drivers needs to be found. If not, this industry is doomed from the beginning. Peers needs to work harder and find a better policy. Although, they may have little choice because major insurers are probably waiting to see how the legal battles around Uber play out before jumping into the business.

Audi Wants a Piece of Tesla’s Pie

Audi’s move is a sure sign that the auto industry thinks Tesla is a serious threat to established luxury carmakers. It looks as if Audi is positioning itself to be the go-to company for hybrids and zero emission vehicles. This definitely put pressure on Mercedes to ramp up production of its fuel-cell powered vehicles and Toyota to start building a fuel-cell powered Lexus.

$2 a Gallon Gas Prices Are Imminent in US

One has to wonder how low oil prices and gasoline prices can go. What will happen if gasoline falls to $1.50 a gallon or lower? That could boost the economy, but it will also hurt a lot of people, including those with oil company stock, oil industry workers, and Tesla stock holders. Expect to see a lot of economic chaos because of cheap gas.