New Self-Driving Car System is operated by Blockchain

A new system will allow humans and artificial intelligence (AI) to operate self-driving vehicles with the help of the Ethereum blockchain. The company behind the system, Aitheon has even tested it on one of the most rugged off-road trails in the world.

To test its technology in the real world Aitheon; “put the vehicle through the Rubicon Trail one of the hardest off-road trails,” the company’s Chief Strategy Officer Ryan Burleson revealed in a Market Mad House interview. The vehicle was a Jeep Rubicon sport-utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by Fiat-Chrysler (NYSE: FCAU).

The Rubicon Trail or Wentworth Springs Road is a 22-mile (35.41 kilometers) long path for off-road vehicles in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. The trail runs from Georgetown, California, to a trailhead east of Lake Tahoe in the Gold Rush country.

“Everything performed great until we actually broke the steering box of the vehicle,” Burleson said of the blockchain-driven road trip. He did not reveal the date of the trip.

Aitheon hopes to Create Jobs Piloting Driverless Vehicles

The Rubicon Trail trek was a test of a blockchain-based technology that Aitheon CEO Andrew Archer hopes will create thousands of jobs for pilots of driverless vehicles.

The pilots would be able to earn extra money by operating autonomous vehicles through Aitheon’s Ethereum-blockchain based platform. The pilots would generate Aitheon’s AIC utility tokens by operating the vehicles. The utility tokens can be used to buy more services on the Aitheon platform or sold for cryptocurrency or real money.

Examples of vehicles a pilot might operate include a bulldozer or power shovel at a remote mine, or a truck hauling supplies over a hazardous road. Reality TV fans might hate this because it would change the way the Ice Road Truckers work. Instead of driving semi-tractors across frozen lakes the truckers would be driving their big rigs from the comfort of their own homes.

Piloting vehicles is just one of many tasks Archer hopes people will be able to perform through Aitheon’s platform. Another way a person might make money on the platform would be to create and market a digital robot or artificial intelligence for operating self-driving vehicles.

Aitheon utilizes the blockchain platform associated with the popular Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s platform is designed as a blockchain based operating system for a wide variety of Decentralized Applications or DApps.

A full rollout of the Aitheon platform and a sale of AIC utility tokens to the public might take place as early as March, Burleson revealed. Once the platform is up and running Aitheon will start recruiting pilots and specialists to help create solutions.

Those interested in Aitheon’s platform can get a sneak peek of it by participating in Aitheon’s token generation event which is currently taking place. The AIC token generation is scheduled to end on January 31, 2018. You can also get more information about the Aitheon platform by signing up for the company’s whitelist.

More information about the Aitheon platform and the AIC presale are available here:

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