Honda’s New Fuel Cell Car is a Rolling Power Plant

The next version of Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel cell car will have a very interesting feature: it will have the capability to provide electricity to your home in a disaster or serve as a power source for your vacation cabin.

Honda FCX Clarity Hydrogen Refilling

Honda FCX Clarity at a Hydrogen filling station

Kinja reported that the Clarity fuel cell vehicle that will go on sale in Japan next year will come with a device called the Honda Power Exporter. Clarity owners will be able to use the Power Exporter to use the fuel cell in the vehicle to provide electricity to their homes and vehicles.

That means you could use the Clarity as an Off Grid power plant in case of an emergency such as a snow storm or a black out. Here in the US and Canada, that feature would certainly be popular with campers, and with people who own cabins or even homes that are not connected to the power grid. It would certainly be popular in rural areas where some people own houses that are miles from the nearest power line.

Another potentially huge market would be with farmers, contractors and others who work with tools and equipment in areas with no electricity. A worker could use his Fuel Cell powered van or pickup truck to power tools such as chain saws or welders in the field. Other uses would be for emergency responders and for the military.

Clarity has a longer Range than Toyota Mirai or Tesla S Series

This is really game changing technology folks and one that’s going to find a huge market out there. Outside of North America, it could be really popular in developing countries like Pakistan where blackouts are a daily fact of life.

Like the Toyota Mirai, Clarity is also a very impressive car. Honda claims that the Clarity could have a 435 mile range on a tank of hydrogen gas. If that is true, then that would mean that the Clarity would have a range of 135 miles greater than the Mirai and 160 miles greater than the Tesla Model S sedan which has a range of around 275 miles on a full charge of electricity.

The cost of the Clarity is unknown at this time but it should be comparable to Mirai which will cost around $57,500 initially according to the Verge. That’s still well above the cost of the average new car in the United States which is around $31,000 according to True Car.

The Honda Power Exporter

The Honda Power Exporter

Best of all, you can supposedly refill it in less than five minutes, a comparable fueling time to a standard diesel or gasoline car. As with Mirai, the only exhaust the Clarity puts out is a cloud of water vapor.

There, of course, are some drawbacks to Clarity because like the Mirai, it runs on hydrogen gas and there is only a handful of hydrogen gas stations in the US right now. Toyota and Air Liquide plan to build more in the Northeast in a few years.

It isn’t clear when the Clarity will go on sale but it’s supposed to be on the road in Japan next year and available in the US by 2016. Sell your Tesla stock fast, folks – the day of the electric car appears to be over and the fuel cell age has begun.