Fake Football Player used Romance to Trick Ladies into Car Insurance Fraud

Dallas resident Derrick Jimerson might just be America’s most romantic and imaginative auto insurance fraudster. Jimerson tricked a number of women into participating in his auto insurance scam by pretending to romance them, U.S. Postal Inspector Jan Bodon alleged.

Derek Jimerson's mug shot.

Derek Jimerson’s mug shot.

Jimerson was able to use a combination of chutzpah, romance, and audacity to get a number of women to file fake car insurance claims on his behalf. He was even able to trick the ladies into claiming ownership of the cars he was driving.

If that wasn’t enough, Jimerson also told the women that he was a former Dallas Cowboy. After romancing the women for a while, Jimerson fed them a sob story about being in trouble with the IRS and afraid that the taxman would seize his car. The women then tried to help Jimerson by registering his car in their name.

Once the car was registered and insured in the woman’s name, Jimerson would tell them that he had been in an accident and needed to file a claim. The fake claim was prepared by Jimerson and his buddy, a chiropractor. When the check arrived, Jimerson and the chiropractor would split the loot and leave the victim high and dry.

Incredibly, the insurance companies wrote $700,000 in checks to the Lothario and his crooked chiropractor. To add insult to injury, Jimerson was apparently romancing several different women at once. Each of the women thought they were the fake football player’s only girlfriend.

News reports don’t say how Mr. Jimerson got caught, but his charm apparently did not work on the federal judge. He was sentenced to 11 years and five months in a federal prison for mail fraud.

The moral of this story is simple. Never let somebody else register his or her car in your name. You could be setting yourself up for a world of hurt and a lot of legal trouble, particularly if he or she is planning on using it for a crime of some sort. You could also find yourself sharing a cell with Jimerson.