Electric Car Boom Underway

It looks as if the streets could be filled with electric cars in just a few years. Several companies have unveiled models or revealed plans to manufacture electric vehicles and none of them is Tesla.

In fact there’s so much electric car news going on right now that we’re going to need a round up. Here are a few of the top stories in the wonderful world of electric cars from recent weeks:

Not your father's Porsche the Mission E Electric.

Not your father’s Porsche the Mission E Electric.

  • Porsche a subsidiary of Volkswagen (OTC: VLKPF) blew a lot of minds at the Frankfurt Auto show with its Mission E concept car. The Mission E is powered by an 800 volt electric drive system that has double the voltage of present day electric drive systems like those in the Tesla S Series coupes, Popular Science reported.  If that was not enough the Mission E’s electric drive is actually lighter than present day systems because it uses thin gauge copper wires. To add icing to the cake the Mission E can be charged to 80% capacity in 15 minutes which would allow for 250 miles of driving. It would also have a range of 300 miles on a full battery which makes it competitive with gas or diesel vehicles. Unfortunately Volkswagen has not said when or if the Mission E or something based on it will be on the market. It looks as if Volkswagen’s electric car technology is as good as that at Tesla which should worry Elon Musk because VW is now the world’s largest auto maker.
  • Another Volkswagen subsidiary; Audi is planning to start selling an electric version of its popular Quattro SUV in the United States by 2018, Quartz reported. Audi of America President Scott Keogh told Automotive News that he hopes to be manufacturing a fleet that is one third electric by 2030. The electric Quattro is supposed to have a range of 310 miles on a charge and a power plant that could generate 500 horsepower. That will exceed the range of Tesla’s upcoming X series SUV.


  • Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is planning to start selling the X series on September 29, 2015, the Verge reported. The X series will be rolled out in a typical Elon Musk media circus at Tesla’s factory in Freemont, California. It is not clear when customers will be able to start driving away in the X series but it will be costly around $130,000 apiece.


  • Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) could start manufacturing its electric car by 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported. A Journal article seemed to confirm rumors that Apple’s car will be electric and autonomous. The car will be sold under the Apple brand but the Journal did not say what model it would be or where it would be manufactured. Unfortunately the Journal article is based on anonymous sources so it is not that reliable. 


It looks like electric cars are far closer to our driveways than we thought. Competition is heating up which is going to put far more pressures on all the major automakers to start bringing out electrics of their own.