Electric BMW 3-Series is on its Way

BMW is planning to introduce an all-electric version of its hugely popular 3-Series sedan this fall.

The electric 3 Series is scheduled to make its debut at the Munich auto show in September, the German publication Handelsblatt reported. Few details of the vehicle are available but it is supposed to be similar to the ever-popular Tesla S Series.

BMW is hoping to counter the success of the S Series with the electric sedan, Handelsblatt speculated. Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been mounting a strong challenge to BMW’s dominance of the luxury sedan market in Europe and the United States.

Meet the New BMW

BMW (OTC: BAMXF) is trying to redefine itself as more of a general carmaker and less of a luxury brand. The company has branched out into other areas such as rental cars and ridesharing; with ReachNow Ride, and smaller vehicles with Mini. Offering an electric 3 Series will make BMW more competitive in ridesharing, taxis, rental cars and fleet vehicles such as police cars.

Handelsblatt did not say if BMW is planning electric versions of some of its other popular models such as the 5 Series, or the X SUVs are planned. There is also no word on plans for electric minis although I imagine that they are on the drawing board.

One big reason why BMW is going electric is to move away from diesels which are getting increasingly controversial. There is now speculation in Europe that many diesel models will be banned in an attempt to reduce air pollution, The Guardian reported.

A final reason why BMW is going electric is to take advantage of tax credits which give EVs a tremendous edge in some markets such as Denmark. One has to wonder if other luxury carmakers like Mercedes and Tata’s Jaguar will follow BMW’s lead. Tata is planning an electric SUV due out now year.

It looks as if the age of the electric sedan has arrived. All that remains to be seen is whether the driving public will embrace the technology.



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