An Apple Car?

Interestingly enough, the appearance of an Apple car on the market could help Musk and Tesla. If it were electric powered, the Apple car would need batteries; those batteries would presumably be lithium-ion units manufactured at Tesla’s massive Gigafactory in Nevada.

Uber Looking for another Billion Dollars

It looks as if Uber might not be the cash cow that some people think it is. Instead, it is a very expensive business built on a lot of debt that could implode quickly. My prediction for Uber is that it will borrow a fortune from investment bankers then, when that ATM starts running empty, it will issue an IPO and a lot of worthless stock.

Class Action Lawsuits could Destroy Uber in USA

If Uber has to start paying its drivers like employees, it’ll have to shut down in the United States. Uber’s competitors, such as Lyft and Sidecar, would be driven out of business. It goes without saying that these suits could be a major headache for other internet and app companies that rely upon independent contractors such as Elance-Odesk.