Is the Swedish Auto Industry Dead Yet?

Part of Volvo’s past success was an affordable European import for snobs who didn’t want to drive a Ford or a Volkswagen, but couldn’t afford a Mercedes or a Jaguar. Now, of course, anybody with a middle class income can lease a new Mercedes if he or she wants to. That Mercedes might be made in Tennessee, but it’s still a Mercedes.

Ford Pays Cash to Hybrid Owners

e hybrid scandal, which comes at the same time as the Civil War in Iraq, and fears about oil supplies and gasoline shortages isn’t going to help the auto industry. Carmakers are going to have to work real hard to re-earn the public’s trust, particularly after the GM recalls.

Is Uber Really Worth $18.2 Billion?

With the venture capital money, Uber is now worth more than United Continental Holdings ($17.9 billion), Fiat (which owns Chrysler) Chrysler ($12.9 billion), and Mitsubishi Motors, which is worth $10.4 billion. Note: Uber isn’t the only cutting edge nerd favorite worth more than old companies with a storied history; Tesla Motors is currently worth $25.8 billion, largely because of stock value.